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Old Amersham Gin

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The second distiller, Old Amersham Gin is based in the beautiful Kings Arms Amersham and its creation is inspired by art, sustainability and of course, the local people. The range so far includes a London Dry and a Rhubarb and Elderflower pink gin. They also offer gift sets including branded glassware and have just launched their new Wedding favours.

In the beginning...

Old Amersham Gin is a start-up, family business, which begins as all good stories do (in the pub.) Nelli has always worked in her Dad's pubs in Buckinghamshire and loved serving up a great gin and tonic or two. She and her Dad then had an idea...why not make their own! They started by foraging in the local area and researching the different British botanicals they could use. They then built an allotment in the pub garden and started experimenting by growing their own!

On a Mission

Nelli from OAG told us about how important their environmental footprint is and the strategy they have taken to achieve their mission.

'We recognise that you need more than just a great tasting gin. We want to minimise all waste & that is why we aim to be 100% recyclable. Inspired by old school comics, all of our bottles are completely handmade. Supporting like-minded small businesses like ourselves is so important to us. We use a 3 step approach to ensure this. '

LOCAL CO. MISSION: We LOVE working with small & local businesses! From our distillery, our packaging & our artists!

MINIMISING WASTE MISSION: We want to minimise all waste & that is why all of our comic books used in the packaging of our personalised range are recycled, used & loved. A win, win! No plastic involved, just plain old used comics.

RECYCLING MISSION: We work closely with a local company; Hartgraph print to ensure all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our Favourite Serves

25ml OAG London Dry

Garnish: Garden Mint

25ml OAG Rhubarb

Garnish: Horizontal slice of ginger

For information about their selection of gins or to purchase visit:

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