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Spirit of the Cotswold-Marlow Gin

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Marlow Gin was born on a work night out in the spring of 2018. Nick Payne and Colin Bristow, friends and colleagues in the tech industry, were enjoying a couple of local award-winning beers and started to wonder why their hometown had the Rebellion brewery and the Harrow & Hope vineyard, but no distillery.

In the beginning...

They decided then and there to develop a local gin inspired by the beautiful riverside town of Marlow. They taught themselves as much as they could about the distilling process and purchased a small still. Twelve months later, Marlow Gin was born.

On a Mission

The pair formed The Marlow Distillery in 2019 and now Marlow Gin is made with the help of Matilda, a copper still named after Queen Matilda who was gifted the manor of Marlow by William the Conqueror.

The brewing heritage of Marlow became the pair’s inspiration and, after meeting with the head distiller at Rebellion, Nick and Colin built their recipe using Goldings hops from Kent. Goldings is a sweet, smooth and honey-like hop which works well with the mix of eight botanicals to create a fresh, citrus-led London Dry Gin with complex flavours.

Our Favourite Serves

25ml Marlow Gin

Garnish: Slice of Apple and sprig of thyme. ⁠

Serve over ice in a short glass, garnish with sliced fresh apple and bruised thyme. ⁠

For information about their selection of gins or to purchase visit:

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