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Introducing Griffiths Brothers

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The first distiller in our Spirit of the Chilterns series is Griffiths Brothers, based near Amersham in Buckinghamshire.

The Griffiths Brothers Distillery is a multi-award-winning producer of small-batch premium gin. Each of its unique, cold-distilled spirits is crafted and perfected in Penn Street, a village nestled deep in England’s Chiltern Hills.

The pioneering, family-run distillery was founded by lifelong drinks enthusiasts and brothers Alex and Drew, whose mutual obsession for flavour and aroma has led to the creation of a unique range of extraordinary spirits.

Award-Winning Gins and exclusives

Griffiths Brothers No.2 Gin was recognised with a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018, drawing it to the attention of the senior buyers at leading retailers and merchants, including Harrod’s and Majestic Wines.

The Buckinghamshire distillery also produces highly collectable limited-edition gins, such as Mosquito Gin, named after the celebrated WWII aircraft which was part-built in the very same factory where the distillery stands today.

The Process

We spoke to Alex from Griffiths Brothers about what makes their technique so special. ''Having experimented with different distilling techniques we were drawn to the idea of cold distillation. During this process, each botanical is individually macerated to draw out its essential oils.

Our two rotary evaporators ‘Roberta’ and ‘Aretha’ distil each botanical in glass, with the highest quality 100% organic wheat spirit. The spirit vapour is then condensed at -8c and each botanical distillation is stored for the flavour to mellow. Only then is it combined by hand to produce the finished gin. Finally, each batch is tasted and every bottle signed.

Cold distillation is more complex, but the results speak for themselves. You’ll find the difference quite surprising.''

Our Favourite Serves


25ml Original Gin


Slice of fresh crisp pear.


25ml No. 2


Slice of fresh ginger


25ml No 3


Sprig of mint

For information about their award-winning selection of gins or to purchase visit:

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