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4 Perfect Serves for Lockdown

If you using some of this time away from pubs and bars to experiment with new varieties of cocktails, how about trying some of these excellent low sugar serves?

Negroni Fizz

This perfect Twist on the Negroni is the perfect balance of bitter and refreshing.

50ml Campari

25ml Vermouth

Slice of orange


Combine Campari and Vermouth in a mixing glass with plenty of ice, and stir until well chilled.

Pour through a strainer into a rocks glass over ice.

Top with tonic and a twist of orange.

Pear Drop

A grown-up version of your favourite.

50ml Vodka


Pour vodka over ice in a shorts glass.

Top with tonic and garnish with a slice of fresh pear.

Cloudy Mojito

The perfect balance of crisp and fruity.

50ml White rum

50ml Cloudy apple juice


Apple and mint to garnish.

Add white rum and apple juice over ice in a Copa glass.

Stir to combine.

Top with tonic and a slice of crisp apple.

Winter Warmer

Spicy but soothing this lives up to its name.

50ml Dark rum


Fresh rhubarb if available.

Pour rum over ice in a stemless glass. Add fresh rhubarb if available as a garnish. Top with tonic and stir to enjoy.

If you try any, we would love to hear! Do you have a favourite recipe which isn't here?

Tag us in a picture on social @twelvebelow.tonic and we can share.

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