“Our customers have been equally as blown away and the tonics are now a really popular drink sold in our farm shop, with many favouring it as a more sophisticated soft drink alternative”


Pip Brill Peterley Farm Shop @peterleyfarm


British fruit flavours inspired by our founder's garden in the Chiltern hills with a dash of natural agave for sweetness

Bottle of TwelveBelow Classic Premium Tonic

Crisp and refreshing with a citrus twist.

Bottle of TwelveBelow Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic

A true British taste of rhubarb with gentle ginger undertones.

Bottle of TwelveBelow Pear & Cardamom Tonic

Richly decadent pear with an aromatic cardamom finish.

Bottle of TwelveBelow Apple & Garden Mint Tonic

Cool, fresh garden mint with juicy red apple.

“I jumped at the chance to represent TwelveBelow, it’s great to have a local tonic water to add to our range which complements our craft gin offer and works well as a soft drink too.  It is genuinely different from our other tonics.”


Gary Powell BWH Drinks @bwhdrinks


Back in 2018 we looked at the tonic market and found it’s difficult to understand what you are drinking, how it tastes and what sweeteners are in it. Light, diet, slimline… we were seeing these everywhere, but we realised that these drinks rarely delivered on their promises and hide their sugar content.

So our founders, inspired by their surrounding local British produce in the Chiltern Hills, started to develop a collection of natural low sugar tonics which can be paired with a range of spirits or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated standalone drink – and TwelveBelow was created!

TwelveBelow is the UK’s first all natural genuinely low sugar tonic, sweetened with a dash of organic agave, 12 calories per 100ml serving and 100% natural. Our range of great tasting flavours complement and enhance your spirit to deliver an elevated drinking experience. We are aiming to shake up the tonic and soft drinks industry and will always create naturally low sugar drinks.




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“Mixing it up with Twelve Below Tonics. Perfect partner with premium gins but also on its own as a really refreshing soft drink.”


Paul Darvell  Old Swan Cheddington @theoldswanched


These are our online stockists where you can buy TwelveBelow.

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TwelveBelow is growing and always looking for new locations and stockists. If you are interested in stocking our range of low sugar tonics, please complete the contact form, we will then be in touch.



Our team devoted time and energy into researching natural sweeteners and we felt agave was the best choice. Unlike other tonics loaded with artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, we found we only needed a dash of organic agave syrup to give the natural sweetness we wanted to enjoy.

We use a light organic agave, derived from the sap of the agave plant, a type of cactus native to Mexico. When used in TwelveBelow, it allows the subtleties of your spirit to shine through with no nasty aftertaste and with significantly less calories.


“TwelveBelow tonics are clean and crisp with a fresh taste, they really compliment gin and other spirits. Our customers have really enjoyed them and keep asking for them as their mixer of choice.”

Jenny Watson Malt Brewery @maltthebrewery


Mel and Ross have been friends for a number of years.  They are both passionate about food and drink and have a keen interest in a healthier lifestyle. Ross has been involved in food businesses before and was looking for his next challenge. Mel is a keen triathlete and although new to the drinks industry, is an experienced entrepreneur.

More recently both have been forced to take a career break for family reasons and were talking about their next adventure.  With a healthier lifestyle in mind, Mel started to drink less alcohol and more tonic on its own, only to be dismayed at the high levels of sugar in many standard tonics and completely confused with the light, slimline and low-calorie versions on offer.  The decision was made to create a completely natural, genuinely low sugar range of flavoured tonics.  Inspired by the fruits grown in her garden, Ross and Mel set about creating flavour combinations to complement spirits, and stand up as delicious adult soft drinks.





No 1 Trees Road

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Email: ross@the-chiltern-mix.co.uk

Phone: 07773 772278

Find out more about how we can make you and your spirit shine, if you are looking to stock our range of tonic please get in touch.

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