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British fruit flavours inspired by the beautiful English Countryside in the Chiltern hills with a dash of natural agave for sweetness

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Crisp and refreshing with a citrus twist.

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A true British taste of rhubarb with gentle ginger undertones.

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Richly decadent pear with an aromatic cardamom finish.

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Cool, fresh garden mint with juicy red apple.



Lime & Basil and Elderflower & Lemon

Lime & Basil
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A refreshing and elegant drink, with a twist of English Basil.

Elderflower & Lemon
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A crisp and light, quintessentially English country garden drink.

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It's all natural, with a touch of agave to sweeten it, very good, I love it". - Helen McGinn, 2022


Founded by friends Ross Smethurst and Melanie McNelly, it is Twelve Below’s bold ambition to develop a new category of mixers and soft drinks where the consumer’s health and knowledge is at the centre of the brand. We want to challenge the drinks industry on the authenticity of ‘low sugar’ drinks brands, whilst changing the customers perception that low sugar means that taste is compromised.


Twelve Below are uniquely positioned as the UK’s first 100% all natural genuinely low sugar mixers and tonics. Inspired by British fruit flavours and sweetened with a dash of organic agave, the mixers and tonics contain 2.5g of natural sugars and have only 12 calories per 100ml serving. We promise great natural flavours and health conscious drinks which can be paired with a range of spirits or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated standalone drink.


We promise to always produce great tasting, all natural, low sugar drinks and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Do send us feedback as we love hearing from you and congratulations on the positive change you are making for your health, mind and body. 


Mel & Ross 


“​A light mixer can be just the tonic when you’re keen to cut down on sugar...”

Susy Atkins, 2020

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Twelve Below low sugar 12 calories per 100ml


It is widely recognised that to lead a healthier lifestyle, diet and personal consumption has a huge impact on results. Drinks in particular are a high source of sugar and low sugar, natural drinks are scarce.


In 2018, we looked at the tonic and mixer market and were dismayed to find very high levels of sugar in many mixers and tonics. Shockingly, traditional flavoured tonics can contain between 7-10g of sugar per 100ml serving; the same as you would find in 100ml of Coca Cola. Even drinks advertised as light, slimline or diet are misleading about their sugar content and well-known brands claiming to be ‘low in sugar’, are in fact replacing sugar with cheap sweetener substitutes which pose just as much risk to our health and have an unpleasant aftertaste.


We thought it was time for change, and to be truly innovative, we decided to develop a range of drinks that can be consumed without worrying about the sugar content, with great taste as our number one objective.


Our range of low sugar mixers and tonics are formulated to deliver great taste whilst dramatically reducing the sugar content. We are the first tonic to be certified low sugar, and we have achieved this by ensuring we only use natural ingredients. At the heart of our ingredients is organic agave, natural sugar from the sap of the cactus plant.


All Natural. Great Taste. Low Sugar.

Sugar Wise Certified
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"Sweetened with agave and just 12 calories a bottle."

Susannah Taylor, 2020

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"Low-sugar tonic brand Twelve Below won an impressive three Gold medals and a Silver in the light/slimline/low-calorie tonic water round."

Nicola Carruthers, 2021

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For all UK enquiries contact melanie@twelvebelow.co.uk or call 07967 033162


For all international enquiries contact ross@twelvebelow.co.uk or call 07773 772278

Do get in touch with any feedback you may have on our drinks, we love hearing from you.


If you are looking to stock our range of mixers and tonics, feel free to contact us on email, or mobile.


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